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House odor

Odor absorbers are great for absorbing the toughest odors around your home. Use them for refrigerator odors or will keep your ice tasting and smelling fresh.

Other uses for an odor absorber is for under sink odor, near trash containers that smell, odors in storage closets, RV that smells or your boat needs some odor control.

Odors absorbers are also excellent for absorbing dead mouse smells in walls and for eliminating fish odor.

Dorm room odor or teen boy room smells can also be taken care by odor elimination and control via odor absorbers.

One of the best ways to control odor is with naturally activated charcoal or Naturally activated carbon, this really work to absorb the odor out of  the air and trap the odors.

See the diagram below to see how the process works:

Other products such as baking soda and air fresheners also can be used.

Here are some great links to odor absorber products you can buy on line:

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Dead Mouse Odor

Fish Odor

Garbage Odor

RV/Boat Odor 


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